NatHERS Software Courses

SmartRate offers training in NatHERS Software around Australia.

Courses are available in BERS Pro, FirstRate5 and Accurate Sustainability.

Participants attending these courses will learn how to model single storey and two storey houses and units. The modelling of complex buildings and non standard materials is covered.

Software training is offered in 2 levels -

  • Basic course - introductory course for new entrants that covers all of the basic techniques required to correctly use your preferred software tool
  • Intermediate course - this course builds on the skills learnt in the Basic course and includes the modelling of more complex buildings

Upon successful completion of the course participants will receive a Statement of Completion that states they are competent using the software and satisfy the requirements to practice as a House Energy Rater. 

These courses are ideal for new entrants to the profession and existing assessors who wish to improve their knowledge and skills.

Courses are scheduled around Australia and we also are able to do one on one courses or in house training on request.


If you have any questions please complete an Enquiry Form and we will get back to you.

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