Section J Assessments

Duration : 1 Day

Price : $395.00

BCA Volume 1 - Section J Assessments

An online course for assessors, building certifiers and building practitioners on how to use Section J from Volume 1 of the NCC Building Code of Australia.

Introduces participants to how Section J works and how to assess a simple commercial building including :

  • Building elements - Roof/Ceilings - Part J1.3
  • Roof Lights - Part J1.4
  • External Walls - Part J1.5
  • Floors - Part J1.6
  • Glazing elements - Part J2
  • Building Sealing - Part J3
  • Ventilation - Part J5
  • Lighting - Part J6
  • Hot Water Systems - Part J7
  • Access - Part J8
  • How to write a Compliance report

There are limitations on buildings that can be assessed under the Section J provisions of the BCA and these will be discussed during the course.

Participants will receive comprehensive course materials and sample exercises to complete.

A Certificate of Attendance will be provided to all attendees.

All courses are 2 hours once a week over a 3 week period.

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