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SmartRate is a consultancy to the building industry in the emerging field of building thermal performance assessment by providing a range of cost effective solutions for small, medium and large builders on their client's projects to ensure they meet the energy efficiency requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

These services extend to Owner Builders and for the renovation of existing homes.

Established in 2005, SmartRate continues to set new standards in the delivery of innovative solutions and building on our reputation of excellent customer service. The management team is committed to working closely with builders, architects and designers and their clients to achieve results that are not only cost effective, but exceed expectations.

For new residential construction, SmartRate performs energy ratings using NatHERS accredited software and provides a full compliance service including the preliminary assessment of projects during the initial design phases.

For commercial projects, SmartRate provides a comprehensive report based on Section J of the Building Code of Australia.

Our assessors are accredited with the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA) and Building Designer's Association of Victoria (BDAV).

SmartRate's compliance Certification is acceptable to local Councils and Building Certifiers.

A growing part of SmartRate’s business is the provision of consulting and specialist training services to industry and government agencies.

For further details on the range of training courses available click here.

The team at SmartRate is headed by Michael Plunkett.

Michael Plunkett

Michael is Principal of SmartRate - Building Energy Efficiency Specialists, a practising energy efficiency assessor in residential and commercial buildings and has over 30 years experience in the home building industry.

The emerging fields of Building Energy Rating, Sustainable Building and related software tools are Michael’s speciality and this new industry focus is his passion. He wants to share this passion with colleagues in his industry and does so through presenting at information events and through the delivery of specialist training.

He is an accredited assessor with ABSA (40116) and BDAV (VIC/BDAV/15/1686). He delivers training in the Certificate IV in Building and Construction for the Housing Industry Association (RTO 1091) in North QLD and the Certificate IV in NatHERS in association with Education in Building (RTO 32418) across Australia. Michael is also a past Chairman of the ABSA that supports the occupation of residential building sustainability assessment.

Michael recognises that there is a need to inform and raise awareness within the industry of the principles of Sustainability with the stated aim of helping all stakeholders in the building industry gain a better understanding of the importance these issues.

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