User support

SmartRate provides a support programme for NatHERS assessors.

Support Programme Details

SmartRate is regularly approached by assessors seeking advice on how to model materials and building elements. We are also asked to review projects and provide mentoring support for new users.

The User Support Programme is designed to give users of NatHERS software tools access to our resources that will enable them to complete projects with confidence and get advice on any issue of concern for a low yearly subscription fee.

The User Support Programme is available to all NatHERS assessors in BERS Pro, Accurate or FirstRate5.

Programme Benefits

Members of the programme will receive -

  • modelling and mentoring support in any of the 3 accredited NatHERS software tools
  • how to model materials and products correctly
  • how to model insulation in roof/ceilings/walls and floors correctly
  • review problem or difficult jobs
  • access to knowledge base of specific information
  • 5% discounts on training courses offered by SmartRate

The subscription entitles users to 10 email questions/phone call responses per year with a small additional fee applying thereafter.

Questions/phone calls will be generally answered within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) in most cases.


Payment of an annual fee of $330 gives individual and company based users access to support services provided by SmartRate.

How Do I Access User Support?

To access User Support you must be a current subscriber to our online services. Access to the system is via 3 simple steps described in How Do I access User Support?

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