The director supports the national decision to implement this qualification and agrees that is appropriate for maintenance of professional standards by energy assessors practising at the highest level in Tasmania as independent third-party reviewers.

In Tasmania, an independent energy assessor (who is not the responsible designer) may undertake energy assessments of a design using approved software. They must provide a verification report and provide a 'Certificate of Specialist or Other Person' to the building surveyor. This Certificate can only be accepted by the building surveyor if that independent energy assessor is accredited by a NatHERS Accrediting Organisation.

For those independent assessors who have not yet attained this new qualification, reminders will be sent  of this requirement and the deadline for completion of the required subjects.

This decision does not affect energy assessments performed by the responsible designer (an architect or architectural building designer). Ensuring compliance with the energy efficiency provisions of the National Construction Code is part of their normal work as an accredited designer.

This information has been provided by:

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Department of Justice
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Released: 25/07/2014

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